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Can-C Eye Drops

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Can-C Eye Drops

There is one product that has been gaining good reviews – Can-C eye drops. It has proven itself to be effective when it comes to controlling and even reversing any disorders related to ageing plus senile cataract.

This product has been developed and at the same time patented by the company called Innovative Vision products. Each Can-C product contains NAC or N-acetlycarnosine which is in special form. This ingredient is even found on the human body. NAC is necessary and plays an important role when it comes to preventing any type of diseases pertinent to ageing.

Even if naturally, carnosine is indeed present on our bodies, it does decrease when the body ages. Thus, senile cataracts will start to appear. Cataract is a type of an eye disease that does lead to visual impairment or having blurry vision. If things come to worst, it will even lead to blindness.

Surgery is the common treatment; however, there is a problem with that. There is a tendency that the patient will suffer from bleeding during post surgery or get eye infection.

With Can-C eye drops, it is applied directly to the eyes. No risk of bleeding and other eye infections. However, treatment can take within 3-6 months. In the long run, the eye drops is cheaper compared to surgery.