The Ethos bright eyes solution has taken the centre stage as the easy
way out of cataract and other eye related problem since it was aired
in the popular UK Television Show Richard and Judy. The clinical
trials have confirmed it as a great product by the way it resolves

Its popularity has continued to grow in both the United States of
America and the European countries. The television show has done a
very good work publicizing it in Europe and America. Since then it has
given hope to people who were billed to undergo cataract surgical

The revolutionary finder of this product Endymion Ethos has intended
it to be the final solution to cataract and other eye related
problems. The product Bright Eye Drop is a derivative of neuropeptide
L-Carnosine otherwise called N-Acetyl-Carnosine (NAC). This natural
substance is both anti-glycating and antioxidation agent. When dropped
to the eyes it penetrates deep and protects the sensitive lipid
tissues of the eyes. Not only that, it provides protection against the
dreaded free radicals which is one of substances that cause cataract
among people. It equally addresses those degenerative elements which
causes blindness.

Cataract constitutes a global threat. At last count it was estimated
that not less 17 million people in the world have gone blind because
of causes related to cataract. There is also the disturbing report
that at least 28,000 new cases of cataract blindness occur on daily
basis. The people who are prone to cataract induced blindness are the
people whose ages are at 65 and above. Study had it that 25% of the
people who are within the age of 65 are susceptible to cataract
problem. As the age increases so the likelihood of one having the
disease increases. At the age of 80 or more the possibility of the
person having cataract is put at 50%. Time has come when one will no
longer see age as a burden because with this revolutionary product
cataract problem is now a thing of the past.