Cataract Eye Drop – An Alternative To Surgery

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Cataracts effect over 17 million people in the world. Today, over 35,000 new cases are diagnosed daily worldwide. Cataracts mostly effect individuals over the age of 65, with 80 percent of sufferers being over the age of 80. Although historically, cataract surgery has been considered the most effective treatment for cataracts, cataract eye drops are gaining ground as a safe alternative treatment modality.

Cataract Eye Drops vs Surgery

When you develop cataracts, most often doctors will recommend cataract eye surgery. However, this is a treatment approach that has a significant risk of blindness. Cataract surgery has a one percent fail rate. As a result, eye surgeons will only perform the surgery one eye at a time, not risking surgery failure in both eyes. People who experience surgical failure are left blind in one eye and must find alternative options for treating their cataracts in the remaining eye or simply accept their condition.

Bright Eyes cataract eye drops are a safe alternative to cataract eye surgery. Eye drops deliver a concentrated level of N-Acetyl-Carnosine (NAC) to the eye. NAC is a neuro-protective peptide and super antioxidant that attacks free radicals. When placed in the eyes, the NAC protects the eyes from light, while also dissolving the crystalline film that forms the cataracts. As a result, Bright Eyes Eye Drops are effective and safe cataract eye drops that are an excellent alternative to invasive surgery.

Benefits of Using Cataract Eye Drops

There are many benefits to using cataract eye drops as an alternative to invasive cataract eye surgery. Among the chief benefits is that they are safe and easy to use. Instead of taking the risk of potential blindness in the event of surgery failure, you can use Bright Eyes cataract eye drops to relatively quickly and easily cure your eye condition.

You can also use Bright Eyes cataract eye drops in your home without the need to visit a doctor in their office. By applying the eye drops hourly every day for six weeks, you can soon see more clearly and sharply. They do not have any known side effects and have been proven to be highly effective through repeated clinical trials.

If you use Bright Eyes cataract eye drops in the early stages of the condition, clinical trials have indicated an almost 100 percent effectiveness rate in curing cataracts. Even if you do not use the cataract eye drops early in the illness, the effectiveness rate is 40 to 100 percent. When compared to invasive eye surgery, it is certainly worth it to try the eye drops as a first option to treat cataracts.

If you are looking for a save, non-invasive alternative to cataract eye surgery, consider using Bright Eyes cataract eye drops. They have been proven clinically effective and are less expensive and easier to use than going to the doctor and getting surgery.

bright eyes cataracts

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Bright Eyes Cataracts Eye Drops – An Alternative To Surgery

If you or someone you care about has cataracts, the you are already aware of the effects this debilitating condition can have on a person’s life. Cataracts effect approximately 17 million people around the world. Although surgery is often considered the best form of treatment to cure cataracts, it is still surgery and has the risk of failure. For people looking for a safe alternative to cataract surgery, Bright Eyes Cataracts eye drops are an excellent choice.

What are Cataracts?

Cataracts are an eye condition that effects the lens of the eye. A protein crystalline film forms over the eye, making it difficult to see and creating a cloudy film over the eye. Cataracts effect people globally, with approximately 17 million cases today. Daily, over 28,000 new cases are diagnosed.

Typically, cataracts appear in people over the age of 65, with the majority of cases occurring in people over the age of 80. In the long term, cataracts can result in complete blindness without treatment.

How Bright Eyes Eye Drops Work

Bright Eyes Eye Drops are used hourly on the eyes for an extended period of time. The eye drops deliver N-Acetyl-Carnosine (NAC) to the eye. The drops penetrate the cornea and go to work in the vitreous liquid of the eye. NAC is a super antioxidant and attacks free radicals that are believed to contribute to the formation of cataracts and other degenerative eye diseases.

Effectiveness of Bright Eyes Eye Drops

Bright Eyes Eye Drops have been given clinical trials in China, Russia and other places. It has been found that the drops are extremely effective in all study subjects using the drops. Effectiveness rates range from 40 to 100 percent, depending on the level of degeneration from cataracts of the study subject.

The most effective treatment for sufferers of cataracts using Bright Eyes Eye Drops was found to be with study subjects with mild to moderate cataracts using the drops for a period of six weeks. It was found that using the drops eight to nine times a day is the most effective level of delivery of the drops for successful resolution of cataracts in the eyes. Improvements in eye sight have remained long after delivery of treatment with Bright Eyes Eye Drops.

Today, Bright Eyes Eye Drops are available extensively in Europe and are slowly gaining in popularity in the United States and other places around the world.

If you are looking for an alternative to invasive eye surgery for cataracts, consider using Bright Eyes Eye Drops as a solution. In addition to treating cataracts, Bright Eyes can also be used in a wide range of other eye conditions, including age-related macular degeneration (AMD), computer vision syndrome, presbyopia, floaters, glaucoma and retinal disease.

Cataract Drops

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Cataract Drops – Everything That You Would Like To Know

In the modern time of medications there are already many medicines available for everybody to relieve them form pain and discomfort and one of them are cataracts drops. These are medications that you would really like to know about and how you can use this especially if you are having problems in your eyes.

Cataracts drops are very easy to find as long as you have the right prescription and know what this is for. When you are going on a surgery for the eyes you can use cataracts drops which can really make your eyes relax from inter ocular movement of the eyes.

Several days just before surgical procedure, you may well be asked to use prescription antibiotic eye drops, along with your eye physician will certainly advise you of their use.

The particular drops usually are meant to destroy any microorganisms that could trigger an infection. Appropriately making use of approved eye drop drugs before and after surgical procedure is essential towards the good results of one’s Cataract Surgery.

In the event that you’ve not used at all eye drops, it might take just a little associated with exercise to obtain all of them straight into your eye – the actual normal reflex is always to blink to prevent the drops.

However it shouldn’t consider you long to understand putting them to use appropriately. The objective is always to hold the drop property wherever on the outside of surface area of the eyeball, after that carefully close your eye. Don’t blink. The particular medicine will certainly spread throughout the eyeball’s surface area, as well as inside a couple of minutes, will certainly penetrate the actual cornea to reach the actual eyes interior. It is necessary never to blink a lot of right after setting up eye cataracts drops.

Blinking pushes the eye drop treatment from your eye surface area in the direction of the beginning in the tear ducts. To lessen blinking, carefully close a person’s eye without having compressing the covers for any minimum a moment right after applying the medicine. The eye medication is going to be effective whether it lands in either the actual eyeball or perhaps the pinkish within surface area around the lower eyelid. Nevertheless, in the event the eye drop gets around the eyelid skin or even around the eyelashes, you’ll need to repeat the process. Often wash both hands before utilizing eye drops, Eye medication instillation is actually simplest should you possibly lay down or perhaps tip you head back again. You will need just one eye medication of treatment for one dosage. Don’t be concerned in the event you accidentally use several drops: this won’t damage the eye. If you believe an individual skipped your eye, its fine to utilize an additional drop. For longer than one sort of eye drop medication let 3 or even more minutes in between each kind of medication. Even though you’re very first leaning to apply your drops, you really should refrigerate your eye drops.

This will make less complicated to inform perhaps the drop lands around the eyeball. Many people count on a spouse or even some other family member to assist them to together with their cataract eye drops. Although you may possess this method it’s much better if you understand to get it done on your own in case your assistant isn’t available in making use of your cataracts drops.

Eye Drops For Cataracts

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Eye Drops For Cataracts, What Can This Be?

For some that is familiar with eye drops for cataracts will describe the substance to be very efficient and easy to use. So, what can this medicine be? Can this medicine really help conditions in the eye? This will give you a little information about eye drops for cataracts.

Physicians and other specialist will definitely say that these are very affordable and yet very effective type of medicines. It is said that N-acetylcarnosine eye drops can be used within European countries to be able to slow or perhaps alter development of cataracts. NAC can be found in this particular country, however absolutely no statements can be created because of its usefulness, therefore it is outlined as an non-active component. Could it be of any kind of value? A cataract is actually a clouding in the lens in your eye in which blurs eyesight, changes the method that you observe shades they appear washed out and also typically minimizes visual skill. Cataracts are frequently age-related and also symbolize accumulated free-radical problems for your protein compounds in which make up the lens in the eye. As soon as cataracts form, they have a tendency to develop, clouding greater and bigger parts of your lens so it is very wise to use eye drops for cataracts.

You may well be in a position to avoid cataracts or perhaps slow your development by not smoking cigarettes, putting on protective shades and maintaining your current blood sugar levels in order in which often diabetes type 2 symptoms can be a primary reason behind vision loss. Additionally, make certain that your daily diet consists of meals that are abundant within the anti-oxidants which will help encourage eye wellness. Very good resources are kale, collard greens, some other leafy vegetables and eggs you need to select natural and organic eggs prepared with omega-3 essential fatty acid, which is made up of DHA, an additional nutrient which is beneficial to the eyes. Health supplements are for sale to eye wellness that offers the best possible levels of luteine along with other essential antioxidant nutritional vitamins. Your antioxidant glutathione could also support, however it doesn’t occur completely from foods – this liver companies that after you use up sulfur or even particular amino acids. You can find sulfur by onions and capers and can easily improve your consumption using health supplements of alpha-lipoic acid, as well as need to turn out to be used two hundred and fifty mg two times a day and N-acetylcysteine in which need to end up being used six hundred mg two times a day. N-acetylcarnosine, the dipeptide present in muscles and nerve cells, might help preserve protein ethics in the actual lens which is getting analyzed in eye drop kind for management of cataracts. It seems to operate properly in dogs, however in accordance with the statement of a famous doctor he will sure say it on the ophthalmologist and also writer of The actual Eye Care Revolution, the final results associated with scientific testing on people currently happen to be adjustable and unknown. Brand new preparations may well demonstrate much more dependable and efficient such as eye drops for cataracts.

For the time being, if cataracts hinder your eyesight and therefore are restricting your own usual activities, make sure that surgical procedure to exchange your cloudy lens with your eyesight having apparent synthetic implant. The operation is very safe and secure, effective, as well as fast so you need to use eye drops for cataracts.

Cataracts Drops

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Cataracts Drops – An Overview

For the past 10 years or so, a doctor who came by the name of Dr. Mark Babizhayev together with his team composed of Russian medical researchers have been observing continuously the dramatic effects and benefits of cataract drops.

There have been clinical trials conducted on several patients. Each patient has been getting two drops of Can-C (TM) eye drops which should be taken at least twice every single day for about 6 months.

Results were positive. There has been an improvement on the eye condition of each patient. Effective was reported to be about 100%. After the clinical trials and astounding results of 100%, the development had led to manufacture and patent the cataract drops. This has been the answer for people who are suffering from cataracts to get hold of a product that will cure their eye condition that is safe and a good alternative to a most common treatment – cataract surgery.

The question now, how can Can-C (TM) eye drops help in reversing cataracts?

It all boils down to the ingredients found in this product. This cataracts drop is in a proprietary form of what we call as N-acetylcarnosine which carries the di-peptide – carnosine.

Carnosine is basically present in the human body which is at the same decreases as an individual grows old with age. This would lead to an age-related medical condition such as cataract. Carnosine is known as a glycation inhibitor and antioxidant.

What are other eye problems that can be cured by Can-C (TM)?

Can-C (TM), a cataract drops serves as a good treatment for the following eye problems:

1. dry eye syndrome
2. retinal disease
3. diabetes mellitus
4. computer vision syndrome
5. glaucoma

The best part of it all is that Can-C (TM) has been reported to have no side effects (negative). However, it is advisable when it comes to eye medications even if as simple and easy as eye drops, you need to consult an eye doctor first.

As Can-C (TM) eye drops released in the market backed up with clinical study reports and different medical companies has made this product a sure hit.

However, Dr. Mark Babizhayev has been given cautions to a lot of consumers regarding using random formulations. The clinical results were based upon using the raw material in its pure form.

Can-C (TM) is patent protected and having N-acetylcarnosine as its raw material in corporation with a Japanese chemical company made this cataract drops give out good results and even achieved long-term safety at the end.

Due to other similar products coming out in the market, it is highly advisable to check out whether the product that you are purchasing is the original or the real deal. All you got to do is to check the side panel of every box for this statement, “Approved by Innovative Vision Products (IVP)”.

Like any other else, it is much better to buy nothing but the original cataracts drops that Dr. Babizhayev and his team had studied to be effective. In this way, you would definitely get the good benefits out of it.

L Carnosine Eye Drops

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L Carnosine Eye Drops

L Carnosine eye drops have been proven to be 100% effective to cure cataracts. This has been backed up by results of the experiments and studies done by different scientists coming from Moscow’s Helmholtz Institute of Eye Disease.

L Carnosine eye drops have been proven to be useful when it comes to treatment of age-related cataracts over the past years. In a clinical study conducted, the product was tested on subjects whose age is between 2-21 years old. The treatment was done within 3-6 months using the same product. Surprisingly, the product really works and shows a whooping 100% rate of its effectiveness much so that such product works for those individuals who have been suffering from cataracts for longer period of time – an estimate of 4 out 5 patients show positive results.

Apart from being a treatment for cataracts, it has been shown that this can serve as a precautionary measure in order to avoid future eye problems without depicting any side effects at all. Also, the L Carnosine eye drops have been tested out on people who are in the 48-60 age brackets. It has been found out that the same product aids in relieving eye strain plus it improves eye sight as well.

Cataracts Eye Treatment

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Cataracts Eye Treatment

I do not know any other part of the human body that is more sensitive than the eyes, yet majority of the people pay lips service to the security of their eyes. It was in a bid to offer a better alternative to protect your eyes that Ethos manufactured the state of the art drugs that provide answers to all the cataract threats to the eyes.

As an effective solution to the cataract problem of the eyes, the NAC eye drops were recommended to be used 2 drops two times daily in each of the eyes for 6 to 12 months. However it could be necessary for the treatment to be continued for the rest of the patient’s life.

Before the NAC eye drops become fit for public use, clinical trials were conducted. The outcome of the trial shows an improvement rate ranging from 41.5% to 100% within the trial period which was about 6 to 24 months. Further study was equally conducted with 96 patients who were 60 years and who were suffering from different degrees of cataract serenity. The duration of the eye problem was between 2 to 21 years. The effectiveness of the drug was much profound with patients who have primary type of cataract serenity they had 100 percent cure.

For the other type of cataract serenity such as mature cataract serenity a recovery percentage of about 80 was recorded.

There is a recent study which report was recently made public, this study reported the emergence of therapeutic agent which increases the rate of age related eye problem. The eye related problems highlighted by the study include free radicals and other oxidative agents which are more pronounced among the aged people.

At the middle of ones age, the eyes begins to experience some degree of degeneration which are manifested as glaucoma, macular degeneration cataracts and other retinopathy which further develop as life goes on.

Mary and Chanahhei reported how the use of Bright Eyes has helped them restore their impaired sights. After using the drugs for just seven weeks the drugs removed all the white film on their eyes. She has truly recovered to the extent that she could see the fingers of her physician which she could not see before. The reality is that as she goes on taking the drops the eyes will be fully restored.
Types of Cataract Surgical Operations

Surgical operation used to be the best and final solution to the treatment of cataract. One such operation often performed on patients is phacoemulsification or phaco. This type of operation involves the physician making incision at the cornea part of the eye. This releases ultrasound like waves; this in turn loosens and breaks the centre of the lens of the eyes, thereby making it possible for the remaining part of the lens to be removed through suction. This type of surgical operation undertaken by phaco is also called incision surgery.

There is another type of surgical cataract operation. This one is called the Extracapsular surgery. The difference between this one and the phaco is that in extracapsular surgery, the surgeon makes a longer incision; the incision is longer than the one that is performed at phaco. This incision is done on one side of cornea; during the process the hard centre of the lens will be removed. The remaining part of the lens is eventually removed by suction.

In almost all the surgical operations of the eyes, once the lenses are removed they are often replaced by an artificial lens called intraocular lens or IOL as it is popularly called. The IOL is very clear and it does not require any further care and once inserted has become a permanent feature of the eyes. The IOL is helpful in that the patient will have a restored vision; this is possible because light will go through it to the retina. Most important aspects of the whole exercise are that you will neither torch the new lens nor even see it.

Unless the cataract operation is done properly, an after cataract may develop eventually. An after cataract is a situation where a part of the lens of the eyes that was not removed during cataract operation develops cloudiness and begins to blur the vision of the patient.

At younger age, the eyes are younger as well, and they have a high level of the natural antioxidants which protects the human eyes from cataract, degeneration as well as other eye disorders.

The strength and the protective ability of the eyes change as we grow in age. At the middle of ones ages the eye synthesis as well as the antioxidant glutathione decreases, causing excessive damage by the free radicals.

Sometimes oral supplements were recommended as solution to the cataract problem of the eyes. They are known to be very helpful to the eyes especially in protecting them against senile disorders of the eyes. However, because age is diminishing the effective circulation of the supplements to the eyes it has therefore placed a limitation to the effectiveness of these oral supplements.

Although all these methods were good in finding solution to the problem of cataract and other eye diseases in the old age of the individuals, they have not been the best method to address the problem. It was in further scientific search for the problem that led to the emergence of Ethos Bright Eye Drop. It is well researched product which incorporates all the shortcomings of the other methods. Depending on the level of serenity of the cataract problem the eye drop has provided effective solution and care to the eyes starting from eighty percent to hundred percent.

Ethos Bright eyes has a formulation which made it good alternative to cataract operation. It is shown that the formulation has 100% content of hypoallergenic substance. Besides that it contains 100% of animals’ ingredients which is free and useful for the vegetarians. Most importantly, the formulation is 100% safe and of course very useful for pets and animals.